Color Cop Portable 5.4.5 - Free Advanced Color Picker

Color Cop Portable 5.4.5 - Free Advanced Color Picker

Color Cop is a powerful color picker with multi-purposes. The hex color code for the selected color will be automatically copied to the clipboard. You could use Eyedropper and Magnifier to pick the color of any screen area.

Color Cop allows you to set the output formats among HTML Hex, Delphi Hex, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic Hex, Visual C++ Hex, RGB float, RGB int or Clarion Hex.

Note: Run ColorCopPortable.exe to launch Color Cop Portable. The current version is Color Cop 5.4.5.

You could also use the color pick feature built in PicPick Portable or FastStone Capture Portable.

Features of Color Cop:

  • Eyedropper
  • Magnifier
  • Auto-copy to clipboard
  • Multiple output options
  • Color options
  • Relative position measuring
  • Color History
  • Complementary color palette
  • System tray support
  • Mouse wheel support
  • BMP to clipboard

Color Cop Portable

About Color Cop Portable

MD5 Hash: 7E739E64F169384408EFF178D7E48CCC

Download Color Cop Portable 5.4.5
ColorCopPortable_5.4.5_English.paf.exe | 242 KB | Color Cop Portable 5.4.5 Download Page