PicPick Portable

PicPick Portable 4.2.3 - Full Featured Screen Capture Tool

PicPick is a free and quality screen capture. It integrates the Screen Capture, Image Editor, Color Picker, Color Palette, Magnifier, Pixel Ruler, Protractor, CrossHair and Whiteborad together.

For Screen Capture, PicPick allows you to capture Full screen, Active Window, Window Control, Scrolling Window, Region, Fixed Region or FreeHand area. You could also repeat the last capture.

There is a Capture Bar in PicPick, this is rather convenient, you can quickly perform screen screen.

PicPick Portable

Features of PicPick Portable:

  • For All Windows (Fully support Windows 7/8)
  • Multi-language is supported.
  • All functions are fully supported on a dual screen environment.
  • No Registry, No access to System folder (you can copy these files to portable USB)

PicPick Portable

What's new in PicPick 4.2.3?

  1. Fixed keytip confliction
  2. Fixed printer setting issue
  3. Language updates
  4. Small known bugs were fixed

Download PicPick Portable

Developer: www.picpick.org
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 853AC10BF830E8D56141273AFA1BC8BD

Download PicPick Portable 4.2.3
PicPickPortable_4.2.3.paf.exe (8.93 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | PicPick Portable 4.2.3 Download Page | Old Versions

Download PicPick Portable 4.2.2
PicPickPortable_4.2.2.paf.exe (8.93 MB)
@ThinstallSoft.com | PicPick Portable 4.2.2 Download Page

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