A9CAD Portable - Freeware CAD Program

A9CAD Portable - Freeware CAD Program

A9CAD is a freeware CAD program. If you are used to the AutoCAD, you'll find it's easy and quick to start use it for drawings for free.

As the two-dimensional CAD software, A9CAD supports the standard DWG and DXF drawing formats.

Features of A9CAD:

    *  Support DWG and DXF format up to DWG/DXF 2000.
    *  Familiar Windows graphical user interface.
    *  Command window to input coordinates.
    *  View and edit entity attributes via properties window.

A9CAD Portable

About A9CAD Portable

Website: www.a9tech.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com

For another free 2D CAD program, try LibreCAD.

Download A9CAD 2.2.1 Portable
A9CAD(2.2.1)_ThinstallSoft.7z | 2.36 MB
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