LEd Portable

LEd Portable 0.3.2 - Open Source 2D Game Level Editor

LEd (L-Ed) is a free & open source 2D level editor for game development.

It has a modern user interface with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

LEd also provides advanced game level editing features including auto rendered layers, advanced custom entities, legible undo/redo, etc.

LEd Portable

More Product features of LEd Portable:

  1. Easy to use: modern UI with a strong focus on ease-of-use and quality-of-life features.
  2. Universal and agnostic: compatible with all languages (not only Haxe) and game frameworks in the world.
  3. JSON: easy to parse file format for any game-engine out there. Haxe isn’t required.
  4. Customizable layers: Integer grid layers, Tile layers and Entity layers support.
  5. Auto-layers: paint your collision map and see the grass, textures and all the small details being drawn automatically.
  6. Entities: fully customizable Entity with custom properties.
  7. Enums: you can define an enumeration and use this enum in your entity custom fields.
  8. External enums: enums can be imported and synced directly from Haxe source code files (HX file).
  9. HTML5: LEd is built around modern web standards.
  10. Auto update: you get notified as soon as a stable update is released and it’s up to you to install it when you’re ready, with a single click.
  11. LEd loves Haxe: a powerful Haxe API which gives you access to fully typed values from your levels. It avoids mistakes like mistyping, renaming or removals: you see errors during compilation, not at runtime.

LEd Portable

How to use LEd Portable

Download the file LEdPortable_0.3.2_English.paf.exe, unzip or unpack it, then run LEdPortable.exe to launch the LEd Portable v0.3.2.

What's new in LEd Portable v0.3.2

  1. Fixed a crash when resizing level with an Entity having a null Point value
  2. Added button icons in Help window

Download LEd Portable

Website: deepnight.net
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 17EBDD40C55D69F2B7EF6E92F3E884A6

Download LEd Portable v0.3.2
LEdPortable_0.3.2_English.paf.exe (53.62 MB)
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