MakeMKV Portable 1.15.3

MakeMKV Portable 1.15.3 Free Download

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You are about to download the file for MakeMKV Portable 1.15.3 (12.98 MB): A video transcoder to simply convert DVD or Blu-ray videos to MKV files while preserving most information but not changing it in any way.

Pleae note that does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the MakeMKV Portable 1.15.3 file. You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

Get the MakeMKVPortable_1.15.3.paf.exe file now:

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What's New in MakeMKV Portable 1.15.3:

  1. Massive internal rewrite, many bugfixes.
  2. Improved handling for discs with mastering errors.
  3. Brand new network code, it is now possible to set proxy server in preferences, to access network over TOR/VPN.
  4. MakeMKV now can extract Dolby Vision metadata from elementary stream data and rebuild missing or invalid DV descriptors.
  5. Drive speed control update - MakeMKV now forces low speed when reading data around disc edges, working around firmware bugs.
  6. Bug fixes: Program could hang or crash when converting files with many audio streams.
  7. Bug fixes: On some multi-segment sources with LPCM audio program failed to produce MKV file.
  8. Bug fixes: Program could crash when producing testdump or when conversion failed.
  9. Bug fixes: On 32-bit x86 system program could run out of memory on big mult-segment sources.

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