Xshell Portable 5 Build 0446 (5.0.0446)

Xshell Portable 5 Build 0446 (5.0.0446)

Xshell is an advanced and secure terminal emulator. It could emulate SSH, SFTP, TELNET, RLOGIN and SERIAL in a simple way to access your remote Unix or Linux servers.

Xshell 4 use session tab to manage multiple connections, it could maximize your productivity with built-in user convenience features. Xshell 4 is free only for home and school use.

Note: Run XshellPortable.exe to launch Xshell Portable, You may have to install the VC 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. Sessions is always saved to DataSettingsSessions folder.


Xshell 4 Free key features:

  • User defined key map support
  • Task automation with scripting (VB Script)
  • All new Links bar
  • Supporting multiple languages for global users
  • Switching layout by pressing short key
  • Using Session tab to open multiple sessions in a single window
  • Using local shell interface to control Xshell
  • Using Compose bar to send a string to multiple servers at once
  • Using tunneling bar for real time channel monitoring (SSH)
  • Using Dynamic Port Forwarding with Tunneling bar (SSH)
  • Sending response automatically with Wait & Response
  • Using full screen view to use your entire monitor as a terminal
  • Sending terminal contents to Notepad with click of a button

Xshell Portable

What's new in Xshell 5 Build 0446?

  2. FIX: Bug fixes and stability improvements

Developer: www.netsarang.com
Password: www.thinstallsoft.com
MD5 Hash: 752A0B0E6F6DC30F3BEBC74912FB54A6

Download Xshell 5 Free Portable Build 0446 (5.0.0446)
XshellPortable_5.0.0446_English.paf.exe (3.43 MB)
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Download Xshell Portable 4 Build 0138 (4.0.0138)
XshellPortable_4.0.0138.paf.exe (3.58 MB)
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