CoolNovo Portable - Best Chromium Browser

CoolNovo Portable - Best Chromium Browser

CoolNovo (formerly named ChromePlus) is a freeware Chromium based web browser and enhanced edition of Google Chrome. It has more great and useful browsing features than Google Chrome.

CoolNovo is formerly the ChromePlus browser, it adds many features to facilitate your web browsing such as Tab behavior, Super drag, Built-in Mouse Gesture, Built-in Adblock, Boss Key and customized shortcut, etc.


In CoolNovo Browser, you could Double clock or Right click tab area to close the page directly. You could easily control your privacy data by deleting various privacy data automatically.

Note: All settings of CoolNovo Portable are saved in the ChromePlusUserData directory. The current CoolNovo Stable is modified from the Chromium 27.0.1453.110 Stable.

CoolNovo Portable

What's new in CoolNovo

  1. Improve the auto-hide bookmark bar.
  2. Improve the launching speed and web loading speed.
  3. The IE tab page can't display normally after modifying DPI.
  4. Fix some bugs and it will be more stable.

Download CoolNovo Browser

MD5 Hash: 26E57A389A49F742B68030284ABC3CA6

Download CoolNovo Browser Portable
CoolNovoPortable_2.0.9.20.paf.exe (36.1 MB) | CoolNovo (ChromePlus) Portable Download Page | Old Versions

Download CoolNovo Browser Portable
CoolNovoPortable_2.0.9.11.paf.exe (36.5 MB) | CoolNovo Browser Portable Download Page