Asynx Planetarium Portable - Free Astronomy Software

Asynx Planetarium Portable - Free Astronomy Software

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Asynx Planetarium is an easy to use astronomy application for your PC. Asynx Planetarium is fully compatible with with MS-Windows 7. With Asynx Planetarium you can have a detailed view of the space environment and learn knowledge of cosmology.

In this new version 2.61, Asynx Planetarium could display detailed information for every planet. Just select a planet in the "Information" menu or click on it. Before use it, give a look at of tutorial and manual of Asynx Planetarium.

If you want to round trip of our Earth, use Google Earth Portable.

Asynx Planetarium Portable

Asynx Planetarium is freeware, you can use it for free.

About Asynx Planetarium Portable


Download Asynx Planetarium 2.61 Portable | 1.5 MB  |  Asynx Planetarium Portable 2.61 Download Page
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  1. I am an student and i am ready to publish some part of this post to my university blog,can i do so.Also just require your permission just mail me if you are happy about it. i guess this post will be helpful for the information i am wanting to publish.

    • thinapp
      11:05 2010/05/05

      @Garret Finkbeiner, Asynx Planetarium is a freeware. Just do it.



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