GPSBabel Portable 1.4.4 - Free GIS/Map Software

GPSBabel Portable 1.4.4 - Free GIS/Map Software

GPSBabel is a free software to convert waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers and mapping programs. It also has powerful manipulation tools for such data. Upload, download data from GPS and Map programs with GPSBabel.

By flattening the Tower of Babel that the authors of various programs for manipulating GPS data have imposed upon us, GPSBabel returns to us the ability to freely move our own waypoint data between the programs and hardware we choose to use.

Note: Run GPSBabelPortable.exe to launch GPSBabel Portable. GPSBabel Portable was updated to version 1.4.4 on 2013/1/12.

GPSBabel lets you move data between popular GPS systems such as those from Garmin, Magellan or a large number of map programs. GPSBabel Supported formats:

    *  Alan Map500 tracklogs (.trl)
    *  Alan Map500 waypoints and routes (.wpr)
    *  Brauniger IQ Series Barograph Download
    *  Bushnell GPS Trail file
  * Cambridge/Winpilot glider software
    *  CarteSurTable data file
    *  CoastalExplorer XML
    *  Columbus/Visiontac V900 files (.csv)
    *  Geogrid-Viewer ascii overlay file (.ovl)
    *  Humminbird waypoints and routes (.hwr)

GPSBabel Portable

What's new in GPSBabel 1.4.4?

    *  Add MotoActiv format.
    *  Kris Beevers contributes Lowrance USR v4 support.
    *  Allow EXIF to represent altitude below MSL.
    *  Allow reading known invalid (sigh) data in NMEA, such as that written by Canon Camera/GPS devices
    *  Enhance Garmin Fit support for latest firmware.
    *  Skytraq fixes.
    *  Steve Eckert adds line styling to the National Geographic TPO3 reader.
    *  Erik Krause improves German translations.
    *  OS X Mountain Lion fixes.

About GPSBabel Portable

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