Multiboot ISO Maker Portable - Create Bootable Disk Easily

Multiboot ISO Maker Portable - Create Bootable Disk Easily

Multiboot ISO Maker is an advanced GUI of mkisofs.exe. It supports virtually all mkisofs.exe options available (at least with the bundled mkisofs.exe). It's a fully integrated graphical environment that lets you turn mkisofs.exe options ON and OFF via an attractive looking GUI with a click of a button.

Although using mkisofs.exe via the command line does the job just fine especially if you create a script file, sometimes there is still a need for an easy to use graphical front end. One of these cases could be when you want to work with multiple projects and have all the options displayed on screen.

Multiboot ISO Maker also lets you run pre-recorded macros that will set specific options suitable for different projects.

How to use Multiboot ISO Maker Portable?

  1. Download and get and extract it to get Multiboot.ISO.Maker_Portable.exe, double click it to finally find the program files.
  2. Run MultibootISOMaker.exe to launch Multiboot ISO Maker Portable. The current version is Multiboot ISO Maker 1.0 Alpha 8 Build 001.

Multiboot ISO Maker Portable

About Multiboot ISO Maker Portable

MD5 Hash: D89DF46C872B163F63BEFBA244ED291F

Download Multiboot ISO Maker 1.0 Portable
Multiboot.ISO.Maker_Portable.exe | 1.84 MB | Multiboot ISO Maker 1.0 Portable Download Page