StNotepad Portable - Semi-transparent Text Editor

StNotepad Portable - Semi-transparent Text Editor

StNotepad is an exciting text editor with semi-transparent interface. It's a worthy alternative to the default Notepad.

The built-in power and functionality to satisfy will help you on the most demanding text editing requirements.

The default background color is semi-transparent black, it will also protect your eyes during long time reading and editing. To run StNotepad, you have to install .NET Framework 2 firstly.

Features of StNotepad:

    *  Semi-transparent
    *  Enhanced User Interface Settings
    *  Multiple Undo and redo
    *  Word Count
    *  File Content Modified Notification
    *  Detect URLs
    *  Text Drag and Drop
    *  Always on Top
    *  Full Screen

StNotepad Portable

About StNotepad Portable

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Download StNotepad Portable 3.1 | 466 KB | StNotepad Portable 3.1 Download Page