vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6

vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6 Free Download

You are about to download the file for vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6 (31.03 MB): It is a free and open source screen recorder to create high quality screencast video.

Pleae note that ThinstallSoft.com does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6 file (vokoscreenNGPortable_3.0.6.paf.exe). You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

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What's New in vokoscreenNG Portable 3.0.6:

  1. Audio: Fix bug. Reason: Can crash on startup.
  2. Audio: Added buffer for audio encoder. Reason: For some machines dropouts were reported.
  3. x264: Added profile high-4:4:4 to profile baseline in a Combobox. Reason: The profile high-4:4:4 has better colors if desired.
  4. GUI: Player have now tango icons. Reason: Uniform look of the GUI.
  5. GUI: Setting for audio codec moved to the second tab. Reason: Better Usability.
  6. vaapih264: Add slider for quality. Reason: The default setting sometimes has artifacts.
  7. openh264: Add slice-mode, num-slices and max-slice-size buffers. Reason: The default buffer is too small with frequent change of scene.
  8. openh264: Changed the slider for quality from min=0 max=50 to min=1 max=51. Reason: Wrong values.
  9. openh264: When recording, slider and button will now disabled. Reason: Better Usability.
  10. Windows: New Windows logo.
  11. Windows: Third party licenses added.

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