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You are about to download the file for MailStore Home Portable (5.95 MB): Best Free Email‎ Archiving and Backup Software. Keep your emails safe and retrievable for years.

Pleae note that does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the MailStore Home Portable file. You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

Get the MailStoreHomePortable_8.1.0.9075.paf.exe file now:

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What's New in MailStore Home Portable

  1. Improved: It is now possible to use regular expressions in the folder include and exclude lists, making the folder selection much more flexible. Simply prepend the regex to include or exclude with || (case-sensitive) or |i| (case-insensitive).
  2. Improved: Exchange Server: MailStore now comes with a global option to skip messages which are marked as infected (disabled by default), rather than to write an error to the archiving report
  3. Improved: Better error handling for broken messages in MAPI format (Outlook MSG)
  4. Improved: Workaround for a bug in Gmail that causes the IMAP PERMANENTFLAGS to contain invalid characters
  5. Improved: The "verify" maintenance command now writes more detailled error information
  6. Fixed: Exchange Server: Some item-level errors in Exchange Web Services (e.g. "ErrorVirusDetected") may cause the archiver to skip the remaining messages in the folder
  7. Fixed: An error message is shown when cancelling the deletion of a large folder
  8. Fixed: MailStore Home uninstallation fails if a language other than English or German is selected
  9. Fixed: Folder names are not shown correctly in several titles of MailStore if they contain an ampersand (&)

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