Stepok's Raw Importer Portable - Free RAW Image Converter

Stepok's Raw Importer Portable - Free RAW Image Converter

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Stepok's Raw Importer is a free and quality RAW image converter. It could import most of the Raw image formats form the camears including Nikon (*.nef), Canon (*.cr2, *.crw), Olympus (*.orf), Konica Minolta (*.mrw), Fujifilm (*.raf), Pentax (*.pef), Kodark (*.dcr), Sony (*.srf, *.arw), Epson (*.erf), Adobe (*.dng), Panasonic (*.raw, *.rw2).

Stepok's Raw Importer could convert RAW to JPEG or TIFF in 3 interpolate method: Basic (Fst linear interpolate, poor quality), Normal (Normal algorithm, average speed and quality) and Best (Best quality but slowly, for 3 color REG CCD only)

You could also perform basic adjustments, such as Exposure, Dynamic Range, Color Temperature, Saturate, Focus and Sharpen, Add Gain, etc.

Stepok's RAW Importer Portable

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