MKVToolnix Portable 6.4.1

MKVToolnix Portable 6.4.1 Free Download

You are about to download the file for MKVToolnix Portable 6.4.1 (9.98 MB): A sef of MKV video utilities including mkv creator, mkv muxing, mkv splitter, mkv cutter and mkv extractor.

Pleae note that does not supply any patch, crack, activation key, serial number, license code or keygen for the MKVToolnix Portable 6.4.1 file. You can read more about it or choose a link to download it.

What's New in MKVToolnix Portable 6.4.1:

  1. mkvmerge: bug fix: fixed packet ordering regression introduced in 6.4.0 if --default-duration is used for a track.
  2. mkvextract: new feature: Implemented extraction of Opus tracks into OggOpus files.
  3. mkvinfo: bug fix: The track information summary enabled with -t/--track-info counted bytes in SimpleBlocks twice.
  4. mkvmerge: bug fix: CueRelativePosition was wrong for BlockGroups: it pointed to the Block inside the group instead of the BlockGroup itself. CueRelativePosition elements for SimpleBlock elements are not affected.
  5. mkvmerge: new feature: Implemented final Opus muxing.
  6. mmg: bug fix: The "jobs" folder will be created in the same mmg.exe is located in for the portable version. The installed version will still keep the folder where has already been (%APP_DATA%\mkvtoolnix\jobs).
  7. mmg: bug fix: Closing mmg's window while it was minimized caused mmg to appear hidden and unmovable when started the next time.
  8. mmg: bug fix: Fixed overly long startup time with wxWidgets 2.9.x (especially on Windows) by using alternative methods for initializing certain controls. Makes startup time on par with wxWidgets 2.8.
  9. mkvinfo: new feature: Added support for the new Matroska elements DiscardPadding, CodecDelay and SeekPreRoll.
  10. build system: libMatroska 1.4.1 is now required for building.

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